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Pakistan Film Magazine provides the largest collection of Online Pakistani movies with related information's, history, figures & facts, images etc..

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584 Urdu, 666 Punjabi, 58 Double version Punjabi/Urdu, 28 Pashto, 2 Sindhi and 24 Pre-partition Online Movies.

Here are the latest updates..


(Punjabi - 20-11-1981)
Director: Raza Mir
Music: Tafoo
Actors: Mumtaz, Yousuf Khan, Nazli, Afzaal Ahmad, Nimmo, Bahar, Iqbal Hassan

Sadhu Aur Sheitan
Sadhu aur Sheitan

(Urdu - 21-09-1973)
Director: Jahangir Bhatti
Music: Kemal Ahmad
Actors: Rozina, Sultan Rahi, Andalib, Masood Akhtar, Ali Ejaz, Talish

Jabar Khan

(Punjabi - 27-03-1987)
Director: Altaf Hussain
Music: Tafoo
Actors: Mumtaz, Yousuf Khan, Sultan Rahi, Mustafa Qureshi, Bahar, Ilyas Kashmiri


(Punjabi - 01-06-1990)
Director: Haidar Chodhary
Music: M. Ashraf
Actors: Nadira, Sultan Rahi, Ismail Shah, Gori, Humayun Qureshi

Pyar aur Paisa

(Urdu - 22-11-1991)
Director: Saeed Akhtar
Music: Mushtaq Ali
Actors: Neeli, Ismail Shah, Sonia, Faisal, Sabiha

Dil nay phir Yaad kiya

(Urdu - 15-05-1981)
Director: Iqbal Akhtar
Music: Kemal Ahmad
Actors: Babra Sharif, Shahid, Waheed Murad, Nayyar Sultana, Talish

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اردو پنجابی مضامین

پاکستان فلم میگزین

انٹرنیٹ کی تاریخ میں پاکستانی فلموں ، فلمی موسیقی اور فنکاروں پراولین ، تاریخ ساز اور بے مثل ویب سائٹ ہے

ظل ہما

ظل ہما ، ملکہ ترنم نور جہاں کی سب سے بڑی بیٹی تھیں۔

19 released movies in 2014

Read the complete list on 2014 movies. Here are the latest released films..


(Pashto - 29-07-2014)
Released in Sabrina cinema Peshawar
Director: Nadir Khan


(Urdu - 29-07-2014)
Released in Metropole Cinema Lahore
Director: Syed Faisal Bukhari
Actors: Javed Sheikh, Mustafa Qureshi, Ahsan khan, Javeria Abbasi, Sila Hussein

Ishq di Galli

(Punjabi - 29-07-2014)
Released in Capital Cinema Lahore
Director: M. Asif Sheikh
Actors: Saima, Shaan, Sardar Kemal, Shafqat Cheema
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(Punjabi - 20-11-1981)
Music: Tafoo
Poet(s): Khawaja Parvez
Singers: Noorjahan, Naheed Akhtar
Actors: Mumtaz, Yousuf Khan, Nazli, Afzaal Ahmad, Nimmo, Bahar, Iqbal Hassan
Director: Raza Mir
Last updated on Pakistan Film Magazine: 2014-08-26 13:31:16

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He wrote stories of some super hit films..

G.A. ChishtiG.A. Chishti

(Film Music director)
He was a legendary music director..


(Film Comedian)
She was first specialist comedian actress in Pakistan..


Zill-e-Huma was a famous daughter of Madam Noorjahan..

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