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Pakistan Film Magazine provides the largest collection of Online Pakistani movies with related information's, history, figures & facts, images etc..

All movies are sorted in various lists according to languages and updates on regular basis:

602 Urdu, 717 Punjabi, 64 Double version Punjabi/Urdu, 58 Pashto, 2 Sindhi and 24 Pre-partition Online Movies.

Here are the latest updates..


(Punjabi - 14-07-1989)
Director: Daud Butt
Music: M. Ashraf
Actors: Anjuman, Sultan Rahi, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Humayun Qureshi, Afzaal Ahmad, Abid Ali

Kala Samundar

(Punjabi - 26-08-1983)
Director: Daud Butt
Music: Wajahat Attray
Actors: Rani, Yousuf Khan, Mustafa Qureshi, Aliya, Naghma, Afzaal Ahmad, Talish

Wichhray Rabb Melay

(Punjabi - 20-03-1970)
Director: M.J. Rana
Music: G.A. Chishti
Actors: Firdous, Ejaz, Zamarrud, Yousuf Khan, Iqbal Hassan, Nabeela, Sahra, Talish

Madam Rani

(Double version Punjabi/Urdu - 10-05-1995)
Director: Masood Butt
Music: Tafoo
Actors: Anjuman, Sultan Rahi, Nadeem, Reema, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Hamayun Qureshi


(Urdu - 12-12-1975)
Director: S. Suleman
Music: M. Ashraf
Actors: Shabnam, Nadeem, Sweety, Sabiha Khanum, Mustafa Qureshi, Aurangzeb, Qavi


(Punjabi - 17-01-1992)
Director: Zahoor Hussain Geelani
Music: Zulfiqar Ali
Actors: Saima, Sultan Rahi, Javed Sheikh, Shahida Minni, Babur, Naghma

Pakistan Film Music

Watch and listen to the latest updated playlist of


(Urdu - 06-11-1959)
Music: Khawaja Khursheed Anwar (ass. Manzoor)
Poet(s): Tanvir Naqvi
Singers: Zubaida Khanum, Naheed Niazi, Najma Niazi, Irene Parveen, Munir Hussain
Actors: Musarrat Nazir, Sudhir, Laila, Rakhshi, Azuri, Allauddin
Director: Masood Parvez
Last updated on Pakistan Film Magazine: 2015-01-22 05:36:11

Pakistan Film Music Database

Total 7165 film songs are in this datbase. Here are the latest updates..

No. Song title with film and singer(s) Online Songs

Teinu Takdi na Rajjan, Howan 2 Lakh Nainan..

Film: Aukha Jatt (Punjabi - 1969), Singer(s): Noorjahan

Seekha kahan say Tu nay Andaz Bankpan ka..

Film: Farishta (Urdu - 1961), Singer(s): Saleem Raza

O Chann Sada, Saday naal Hass kay nein bolda..

Film: Mundri (Punjabi - 1949), Singer(s): Iqbal Bano

Ni Main Chann nu Chakori wangu labhdi..

Film: Mundri (Punjabi - 1949), Singer(s): Munawar Sultana

Channa chann Chan'ni, Mousam a Bahar da..

Film: Mundri (Punjabi - 1949), Singer(s): Munawar Sultana, Qadir Farid

Pakistan Film History

Read the latest updated on The History of Pakistani Films..

Son of Pakistan - a Dacca based Bengali film


Son of Pakistan was the first patriotic Bengali film on the topic of children, which was made in Dacca, East Pakistan (now Dhaka, Bangladesh).

1 released movies in 2015

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Good Morning Karachi

(Urdu - 01-01-2015)
Released at Universe Cineplex, Karachi
Director: Sabiha Sumar
Actors: Amna Ilyas, Rana Zafar, Aamina Sheikh, Saba Hameed, Savera Nadeem, Farhan Ali Agha

31 released movies in 2014

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(Urdu - 19-12-2014)
Released at Al-Falah & Odeon cinemas Lahore
Director: Mumtaz Ali Khan
Actors: ??

Dil Jalay

(Urdu - 19-12-2014)
Released at Metropole cinema Lahore
Director: Anjum Parvez
Actors: Meera, Shaan

اردو پنجابی مضامین

سلطان راہی
سلطان راہی

سلطان راہی ، ایکشن فلموں کے عظیم ترین اداکار تھے۔

Aslam Dar
اسلم ڈار

پاکستانی فلموں کے ممتاز فلمساز اور ہدایتکار اسلم ڈار کا 24 دسمبر 2014ء کو لاہور میں انتقال ہو گیا۔

Upcoming films trailers

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Latest artists updates

Sultan RahiSultan Rahi

(Film heroes)
He was a legendary action film hero in Pakistan..

Aslam DarAslam Dar

(Film director, producer, cinematorgrapher)
Aslam Dar died on December 24, 2014..

M.S. Dar

(Film Producer, director, journalist)
He was a film director of first ever blockbuster film in Pakistan..

Saeed Dar

He was a famous cinematographer..

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Detailed film records with Online Movies

Pakistan Film Magazine is presenting huge data, Online Movies, songs and videos on Pakistani artists. Some examples are..

  • Shaan's 275 movies inclusive 140 Online Movies
  • Saima's 284 movies inclusive 136 Online Movies
  • Reema's 163 movies inclusive 84 Online Movies
  • Shabnam's 157 movies inclusive 102 Online Movies
  • Nadeem's 208 movies inclusive 142 Online Movies
  • Rani's 189 movies inclusive 92 Online Movies
  • Waheed Murad's 127 movies inclusive 101 Online Movies
  • Zeba's 88 movies inclusive 60 Online Movies
  • Mohammad Ali's 261 movies inclusive 139 Online Movies
  • Munawar Zarif's 193 movies inclusive 150 Online Movies
  • Rangeela's 367 movies inclusive 188 Online Movies
  • Sultan Rahi's 577 movies inclusive 332 Online Movies
  • Anjuman's 179 movies inclusive 117 Online Movies
  • Babra Sharif's 140 movies inclusive 68 Online Movies

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Film & Songs lists

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The old version of Pakistan Film Magazine

Pakistan Film Magazine's old version is deleted on December 27, 2013, but only two segments are left:

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