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Lakhon Mein Ek - A classic film
Lakho mein ek
This classic film was based on a very sensitive topic of Hindu-Muslim love story. Superb screenplay, direction, cinematography, scenes and excellent performance by every actor. Shamim Ara, Ejaz, Talish and were main actors. Nisar Bazmi booked his place among the greatest music directors in Pakistan after this remarkable performance in this film.
This great film was released on April 28, 1967.

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Madam Noor Jehan Naseem Begum Ahmad Rushdi Madam Noor Jehan Madam Noor Jehan Mujeeb Alam Madam Noor Jehan Mehdi Hassan Madam Noor Jehan Shamim Ara Lachhi
Arsalaan Arsalaan Shamim Ara Saqi Saqi Shamim Ara Shamim Ara Ahmad Rushdi Ahmad Rushdi Ahmad Rushdi Madam Noor Jehan Nisar Bazmi .com Lakhon mein ek Lakhon mein ek Mirza Jatt Perdesi Moula Jatt Admi Jabroo Shaheed Farangi Zerqa Yeh Amman Umrao Jan Ada Baray Mian Deewanay Naag Munni Madam Noor Jehan Madam Noor Jehan Madam Noor Jehan Ahmad Rushdi Mehdi Hassan Naseem Begum Mujeeb Alam Nisar Bazmi Nisar Bazmi Khawaja Khursheed Anwar Master Abdullah Nazir Ali Shamim Ara Shamim Ara Raza Mir Ejaz Ejaz Sultan Rahi Aslam Pervez Asif Raza Mir Talish Mustafa Qureshi