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Film Villain


He was a stylish film villain in Pakistan..

Adeeb's facts
Real name Muzaffar Adeeb
Active career
Date of Birth 1934
Born at Bombay, India
Language Urdu
Profession Acting
Family Tani (actress wife and divorced)

Adeeb was introduced in film Dal Mein Kala in 1962 after he migrated from India, where he appeared in many films like Footpath, Mehndi, Pak Daaman etc.

Adeeb was mostly popular in villain roles in the 1960s, especially in costume films. His roles in films like Aadil (1966), Hatim Tai (1967), Alif Laila, Paristan (1968) etc. were some famous roles. But he got more fame from Punjabi films from the late 1970s. His role as Makha Jatt in blockbuster film Moula Jatt (1979) was all time famous role. He was seen in more than 600 films - mostly in supporting villain roles. His last film was Majajan (2006).

Adeeb was born in 1934 and completed his master in Urdu literature from Bombay. He also married actress Tani and died on May 27, 2006.

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