Film News 2007

Shaan & Nargis
- Top Actor's in 2007

Shaan was again a dominating film hero in Pakistan this year. His five films were successful. His performance in International fame Urdu/English film Khuda kay liye was appreciated and four other films Suha Jora, Puttar Hamayun Gujjar da, Wehshi Rajput and Ghundi Run were box office hit . Nargis was the most successful film heroine this year and appeared in all four hit films with Shaan but Saima is facing a downfall and all of her films including Jhoomar were flopped.
Almost all released Indian films in this year were flopped as well.
Syed Noor and Saima on photoset of Jhoomar film
One of big film on Eid is Jhoomar. Here are director Syed Noor and his wife and the film heroine Saima at Empire cinema on the photoset of the film...
Released films in 2007

Murshid Badshah (Punjabi) - Flop
Eid Day on October 14, 2007
Jhoomar (Urdu) - Flop
Director: Syed Noor
Saima, Moamar Rana
Sachian mohabtan (Punjabi) - Average
Director: Shehzad Rafiq
Veena Malik, Adnan, Babrak Shah
Ghundi Run (Punjabi) - Super hit
Director: Pervez Rana
Nargis, Shaan, Shafqat Cheema
Bala Badmash (Punjabi) - Flop
Director: Masood Butt
Nargis, Shaan, Shafqat Cheema
Istehari Rajput (Punjabi) - Flop
Director: Masood Butt
Saima, Shaan, Shafqat Cheema
Tiger 420 (Pashto)
Director: ?
Padshahi (Pashto)
Director: ?
ZaMalanga nopa duashi (Pashto)
Director: ?
Zartamey Tawrey (Pashto)
Director? ?
August 17
Aurat ek Khilona (Urdu) - Flop
Director: Altaf Hussain
Reema, Moamar, Nargis, Babar Ali
August 3
Khyal ko ashna (Pashto)
Director: Arshad Khan
Nazo, Shahid Khan, Jahangir Khan
July 20
Khuda kay liye (Urdu/English) - Super hit
Director: Shoaib Mansoor
Actors: Shaan, Iman Ali, Fawad
Kha Pakki khushhali (Pashto)
Director: Liaqat Ali Khan
July 13
Achhu Lahoria (Punjabi) - Flop
Director: Masood Butt
Actors: Shaan, Nargis
July 6
Anokhi Shikaran (Urdu) - Flop
Sana, Moamar Rana
Director: Saeed Ali Khan
Pakistan zama jana (Pashto)
Director: Naseem Khan
June 22
Doulat ki hawis (Urdu) - Flop
Sana, Moamar Rana, Laila
Director: Rasheed Dogar
Producer: Mehar M. Aslam
Music: Tafoo
June 8
Nasha jawani da (Punjabi) - Flop
Saima, Shaan, Sana, Laila
Director: Sangeeta
Producer: Ghulam Jeelani
May 11
Manga Gujjar (Punjabi) - Flop
Director: ....
May 4
Suha Jora (Punjabi) - Super hit
Director: Pervez Rana
Nargis, Shaan, Nargis, Shafqat Cheema
April 27
Main ek din lot ke aun ga (Urdu) - Flop
Director: M.Javed Fazil
Noushin Ali, Hamayun Saeed
March 2

Bichhu (Urdu) - Flop
Director: Shahid Rana
Actors: Saima, Shaan, Meera, Babur Ali, Shafqat
February 16
Badnaam (Haseena) (Urdu) - Flop
Director: Saeed Ali Khan
Actors: Saima Khan, Moammar Rana, Shafqat Cheema
Eid-ul-Azha Day (Monday)
January 1st, 2007

  • Wehshi Rajput (Punjabi) - Hit
    Director: Pervez Rana
    Actors: Shaan, Nargis
  • Puttar Hamayun Gujjar da (Punjabi) - Hit
    Director: Pervez Rana
    Actors: Shaan, Nargis
  • Ajj da Badmash (Punjabi) - Average
    Director: Masood Butt
    Actors: Shaan, Saima...
  • Dolat ki hawas (Urdu) - Flop
    Director: Rasheed Dogar
    Actros: ?? Rehguzar (Urdu) - Flop
    Director: ?
    Actors: Saloni, Jimmi Shargal, Qavi
  • Akhar zarade kana Patter (Akhir dil hai na - Pashto)
    Director: ?
    Actors: ?
  • Lak dazarh patoka (Zara dil se puchho - Pashto)
    Director: ? Actors: ?
  • Sozam peh Angar (Aag par jal raha hun - Pashto)
    Director: ?
    Actors: ?
  • Tata chao teil chhe yemin shah (Aap ko kis ne kaha keh aashiq ho jao - Pashto)
    Director: ?

    9 films were released on Eid-ul-Azha Day...
    Good start for 2007...
    Eid-ul-Azha was controversial again and officially celebrated on January 1, 2007. (In some parts of Sarhad and Balochistan Eid Day was on December 30 and 31). Nine films were released on this occasion and two Punjabi films made record business on box office in the first week. Wehshi Rajput with 1,5 mill and Puttar Hamayun Gujjar da 1,3 mill on their main cinemas. Other films had average business but co-Indian film Rehguzar was dead flop. All four Pashto films were super hit and continued to dominating film business. There will be celebrated another Eid-ul-Azha in this year on December 21 or 22 and Eid-ul-Fittar on October 13 or 14 in Pakistan.
    Shaan's 3 newborn daughters
    Pakistan's super star Shaan became father of three more daughters, simultaneously on August 22, 2007. Now he has four daughters. Congratulation to him and his family...!!!
    Shaan & his wife
    Shaan and his wife...

    Famous actress Sana engaged to model and co-actor Fakhar Imam on July 15. They will marry next year. Fakhar Imam was seen as co-actor with Sana in films Khatarnak, Nasha jawani da, Gunahon ka Shehar and Anokhi Shikaran. Their upcoming film is Black Queen.

    Saima married Syed Noor
    Saima & Syed Noor
    It's not surprising for many but now it is confirmed (and admitted by both parts) that Pakistan's No. One heroine Saima is "Wife No. 2" for the top director Syed Noor, who's first wife Rukhsana Noor is a famous film writer and lyricist and have got four kids with him. Saima married Syed Noor on July 24, 2005 during the shooting of their mega hit film Majajan.


    Eid-ul-Azha films in Lahore...
    Eid films flopped..!
    All four released films on Eid-ul-Azha Day on Friday, December 21, 2007 were flopped:

  • Billo 302 by director Pervez Rana
  • Ghunda No. 1 by director Masood Butt
  • Haseena Golimar by director M. Iqbal
  • Haneymoon by Saeed Ali Khan
    (more to follows...)
  • Eid-ul-Fittar film's in Lahore...
    "Ghundi Run"... No. One..!
    Only "Mohabtan sachian" and "Ghundi Run" are doing weel in Lahore...
    Nargis6 films were released on Eid Day on October 14, 2007 and the "Eid-Battle" was won by director Pervez Rana's Punjabi film Ghundi Run, which was released on Prince cinema and its first days progress was a half million Rupees. Nargis is in the title role in this film and Shaan is hero. Director Shehzad Rafiq's Punjabi film Mohabtan sachian on Gulistan cinema with second place with Rs. 445.000. Veena Malik and new face Adnan aMohabtan sachianre main pair in this film but they were not impressive. Indo-Pak co-production God Father was on third place on Metropole cinema with Rs. 440.000. Meera, Ajab Gul, Shafqat Cheema and some famous Indian actors are in this films. Director Masood Butt's Bala Badmash was on fourth place with Rs. 425.000 with Shaan in the title role and Ishtahari Rajput (again Shaan in main role) on Capital cinema with last position with Rs. 250.000. Director Syed Noor's Urdu film Jhoomar was on fifth position with Rs. 400.000. Saima and Moamar Rana are in main pair and this film was most appreciated by cine gores. The ticket prices were from 70-250 Rupees on various cinemas. Only two films; God Father and Mohabta sachian were released in Karachi on Eid Day.
    After Eid holidays, only Mohabtan sachian and Ghundi Run are doing well on box office in Lahore. Big disappointment was the flop of film Jhoomar.

    Cineplex cinema in Rawalpindi...
    The first cineplex cinema in Rawalpindi opens the doors for cine gores on Eid-ul-Fittar Day on October 14, 2007. This multi complex cinema has five sales and 1.400 seats. Mohabtan sachian and Khuda kay liye are first released films at this cinema.
    Many films are ready to be released but...
    Cinema shortage in Pakistan..!
    Many films are box office hits this year. But film distributes are facing a big problem now - many completed films could not be screened due to shortage of cinemas in the country. A new cinema DHA was inaugurated in Lahore recently and some other closed cinema will open again. Rattan, Mubarak, Mehfil, Naz, Crown and Al-filah are some of them. But there is desperately need for more cinemas for the booming film business in Pakistan.
    » A complete cinema list in Pakistan
    DHA cinema in Lahore...DHA Cinema Lahore
    After many years, a new cinema with the name of DHA Cinema in Defense Area Lahore will open on July 20. The owner of this digital cinema is Nadeem Mandiwala who also owns Nishat Cinema in Karachi. (Thanks to Zohaib Mansoor, Karachi)
    Four more cinemas are under construction in Behria Town, Lahore.
    Upcoming films...
    • Director Roshan Malik's film Azan is under production. Saima, Shaan and Moamar Rana are main actors in the film. He is also working on film Sohna Mahi with Shaan and Veena Malik.
    • New actress Nadia Chodhary has signed producer Joni Malik and director Saeed Ali Khan's film Hony Moon. She will also appear in films Rehna hay aap ke dil mein and Ghunda Punjab da. Her debuted films were "Gunahon ka Shehar and Ajj da Badmash.Reema
    • Producer Mohammad Jahangir will make film Baadal. Music composer is Wajahat Attre.
    • Director Anjum Pervez will introduced new actor Aslam Raja as villain in his upcoming Punjabi film Shah ji. Main actors in this film are Saima, Imran Khan, Veena Malik, shafqat Cheema and Naghma.
    • Famous singer Shahida Minni will compose music in director Javed Raza's film Do dilon ki dastan.
    • Majajan fame Music director Zulfiqar Ali has completed music in new films like Channa sachi muchi, Gulabo, Zill-e-Shah and Tere ishq nachaya.
    • Khalil-ur-Rehamn Qamar has almost completed his inaugural Punjabi film Channa sachi muchi.
    • Reema's new film Koi mere dil se puchhey is under production, written by Pervez Kaleem.
    • Famous novellist Razia Butt (film Naela, Saiqa, Khalish, Noreen fame) is back again with the story of Punjabi film Gulabo, directed by Sangeeta with Saima, Moamar Rana, Sana, Resham, Babar Ali, Saud, Raheela Agha and Shafqat Cheema. Producer is Chohdry Mohammad Aslam, writer Jaafar Arsh and music by Zulfiqar Ali.
    • Director and actor Javed Sheikh's film Khulay Aasman ke neechay is completed and will be released soon.
    • Senior actor Shahid will play a role in director and actor Shaan's upcoming film Zill-e-shah.
    • Choorian (1998) fame producer Chodhary Karamat Ali will make film Aslam Bhai...
    • Director and writer Naeem Yousuf's Sohni Kurri Chann wargi with Saima, Shaan, Moamar Rana, Sohni, Arbaz Khan and Shafqat Cheema. Producer is Major K.D. and music director is Tafoo.
    • Saima will play the tilte role of Lahori Haseena in director Pervez Rana's film. Shaan and Haidar Sultan are other main actors.
    • Director Altaf Hussain's Muqaddas with Zara Sheikh in the title role. Other actors are Moamar Rana, Arbaz Khan, Sami Khan and many other new faces. His other film is Sahelian and both films are produced by Naseem Khan, writer Mohammad Tariq.
    • Top Ten is the new film by director Rasheed Dogar and producer Chodhary Aziz-ur-Rehman. Cast is Sana, Shaan and Moamar Rana. Could be relesed on August 3.
    • Director Safdar Hussain's Punjabi film Dulla Bum by writer Mohammad Kemal Pasha with Saima and Shaan.
    • Miltey hain dil yehan is the name of new film by director  Sangeeta, producer Sheikh Mohammad Akram and writer Pervez Kaleem.
    • Pervez Rana will make Gujjar No. 1 and Shaan in title role.
    • Producer Wajid Zubairi will make film Yeh tere kemal ke Bandey which will be directed by Moamar Rana. Producer is Nasir Chanyoti.
    • Director Masood Butt offers Anjuman a role in his upcoming film Nach ke Yaar manana. Producers are Nargis and Zubair Shah and writer is Nasir Adeeb.
    • Saima will direct film Sogi. Producer is Syed Noor and music director M. Arshad.
    • Syed Noor's Jhoomar will be released on Eid-ul-fittar with Saima and Shaan in leading roles. He will also make film Dil Darya with veteran music director Wazir Afzal (Dil da Jani fame) and Bharjai with music director Zulfiqar Ali and leading role by Saima.
    • Veteran director Iqbal Kashmiri will make Punjabi romantic film Dil da Jani.
    • Saima will play the leading role in director Masood Butt's film Shaan & SaimaMehbooba 2007.
    • Producer Jamshed Zafar will produce two films, Billo 420 and Perveen Bari Namkeen and will include Abrar-ul-Haq's famous song Ni Perveen... Masood Butt and Shaan will direct these films, respectively. Nasir Adeeb and Tafoo are writer and musician of both films.
    • Director M. Aslam is making film Ishq Badshah with Saima and Shaan.
    • Masood Butt will make Husn ki bijlian and Bharjai.
    • Sangeeta is making film Haseeno ka Mela.
    • Famous old pair Nisho and Shahid will appear in director Iqbal Kashmiri's film Anjam.
    • Producer Qasir Malik and director M. Bala's film Haseena Golimar is ready for the release.
    • After the success of film Suha Jora, producer Zubair Shah will make film Suhagan which will be directed by Pervez Rana.
    26th Bolan Awards 2007
    Punjabi films:
    Film: Majajan (5 awards)
    Director: Syed Noor
    Hero: Shaan
    Heroine: Saima
    Co-actress: Madiha Shah
    Lyricist: Khawja Pervez (?)
    Singer: Nooran Lal (Qaidi Yaar)
    Urdu films:
    Film: Gunahon ka Shehar (3 awards)
    Actress: Nadia Ali
    Actor: Ahmad Butt
    Director: Sangeeta (Tarrap)
    Co-actor: Habib (Jhalak)
    Co-actress: Alina (Jhalak)
    Singer: Saira Naseem (?)
    Life achievements awards for Mustafa Qureshi and Shoukat Ali.
    Civil Awards on Pakistan Day...
    Some famous artists are awarded civil awards for 2007. Super star film hero Shaan, playback singers Naheed Akhtar and Asad Amanat Ali Khan, musicians Abdus Sittar Tari and Rais Ahmad Rais for Pride of Performance, stage comedian Khalid Abbas Daar for Sitara-e-Imtiaz and ex-pop singer Junaid Jamshed for Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.
    25th Asian Film Awards
    Majajan from 100% to 0%
    The first nomination of Asian Awards is cancelled after a tussle between Award committee and director Syed Noor. Now Majajan will not get any award..!!!
    The awards ceremony will be held on July 28 at Lahore.

    Film Majajan created a unique record when it won 21 awards in all categories from 25th Asian Film Awards for 2006. Majajan has been unanimously selected as the best movie of year by all the members of film awards committee.
    Here is a complete list:
    Best producer & heroine: Saima (2 awards)
    Best director, dialogue & screenplay writer: Syed Noor (3 awards)
    Best hero: Shaan
    Best supporting actress: Madiha Shah
    Best supporting actor: Saud
    Best villain: Shafqat Cheema
    Best comedian: Iftikhar Thakur
    Best character actor: Adeeb
    Best new talent: Wali
    Special award: Shabnam Chodhary
    Best Music Director: Zulfiqar Ali
    Best story & song writer: Rukhsana Noor (2 awards)
    Best cameraman: Masood Butt
    Best editor: Z.A. Zulfi
    Non-line editor: Mateen Qadus
    Best Choreographer: Khanu Samraat
    Best Art Director: Baba Khadim Hussain
    The awards ceremony will be held on March 14, 2007 at Lahore.
    Co-Indo-Pak films...
    Awarapan is a co-Indian-Pakistani film which is allowed to be screened on July 6th after a long controversy. This film is a box office hit in Karachi but not a big success in Lahore. Another film Qafla will be released soon. Sana and Indian actor Sunny Devil are in main roles in this film. God Father is another film to be screended on Metropole cinema on Eid Day on October 14, 2007.
    Actress Saima Khan injured
    Film & Stage actress Saima Khan was attacked and injured on June 20. She was admitted to the local hospital and is out of danger...
    Rattan cinema will open again

    The famous cinema on Mecloud Road Lahore was closed two years ago and will open again very soon.
    More cinemas in Lahore
    Gulistan cinemas owner will build two mini cinemas in Lahore and there will be build four more cinemas in the city.
    Humaira ArshadHumaira Arshad's second film as music director...
    Famous Pop singer Humaira Arshad will compose music in her second film Kabhi pyar na karna by director Javed Raza. Her first attemp Gunhaon ka Shehar was a flop.
    New trend:

    Punjabi-Pashto version films...
    Many film producer are making films in both Punjabi and Pashto languages as double version films after some success in Punjab and Sarhad provinces. Prince and Crime Fighters are few of them with both Punjabi and Pashto actors..
    Comedy actors are popular...
    Many comedy actors from stage will be seen on silver screen in upcoming films. Nasir Chanyouti, Amanat Chann, Tariq Tedy, Iftekhar Thakar, Naseem Vikky, Tahir Anjum, Akram Udas and Sakhawat Naz are some of them.
    Third generation of musician's..
    Ali Attre composed a song in film Ishq Ibadat, singers were Naseebo Lal and Anwar Rafi. Ali Attre is the third generation of musician after his father Wajahat Attre and grand father Rasheed Attre. The lyricist was Zubair Hazin - the son of legendry lyricist Hazin Qadri.
    Majajan completed 200 weeks..!
    Producer Siama and director Syed Noor's blockbuster film Majajan has completed now more than 200 weeks in Lahore. This film was released on March 24, 2006 at Metropole and Sozo Gold cinemas in Lahore and after nine month on Metropole cinema, it was shifted to Gulistan cinema on January 1, 2007 and still is going on Sozo Gold and will complete one year of its release there next month. Majajan became the first ever platinum jubilee film in Gujranwala as well.
    » Read more on Diamond Jubilee films here

    Ali Saleem & Begum Nawazish Ali in film
    Ale Saleem aca Begum Nawasih AliFamous TV artist Ali Saleem will appear in Syed Noor's upcoming film "Main aur Tum". He will play double role - hero with Saima and also a fe-male role as Begum Nawazish Ali.

    Shoaib Mansoor's filmShaan and Iman Ali in film Khuda kay liye
    Khuda kay liye
    Naseeruddin Shah in film Khuda kay liyeKhuda Kay Liye (For God's sake), which confronts the myth of Islamic fundamentalism being espoused by radical clerics issuing fatwas against music and paintings. This film will be screened on July 22. Iman Ali (TV actor Abid Ali's daughter in her first film), Shaan, Rasheed Naz, Fawad Khan, Naeem Tahir, Simi Raheel, Ayub Khosa, Najeeb Ullah Anjum etc. are main actors in this film. Famous Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah is also in the cast. Shoaib Mansoor is director, producer, writer, lyricist and musician of this film. He is known by his remarkable TV work as AnKahi, Fifty Fifty and many other TV serials. It's inaugural presentation by Geo films and according to the Daily Jang Karachi, this film was seen by 630.907 sinegores from 22.7. to 12.10.2007.
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    Reema as TV compare in a TV quiz show
    Yeh GHAR aap ka hua...
    Farooq Qaisar with Uncle Sargam in KaliyanAqeel Abbas Jafri
    Farooq Qasiar with his puppet Uncle Sargam from PTV's famous program Kaliyan and renowned researcher
    Aqeel Abbas Jafri

    ReemaReema will compare first time in her showbiz career in a TV quiz show Yeh Ghar aap ka hua, which was telecast on Geo TV on August 25 and is written by renowned journalist, poet and researcher Aqeel Abbas Jafri. Farooq Qaisar is the producer of this quiz show who is known by the famous puppet show Kalian from the Islamabad centre in the 1980s.
    Dr. Masood Haques documentary film
    Stranger in Paradise
    won awards for best documentary, best editing and best cinematography
    Stranger in ParadiseA film Stranger in Paradise by director, producer and editor Dr. Masood Haque was screened on Friday June 1st 2007 at The DGI Theatre, 110 West 57th Street, New York, USA. This film is about a visa lottery winner from Pakistan who get a chance to pursue the American dream only to wake up to a Kafkaesque nightmare.
    Dr. Masood Haque also wrote articles on various topics on Pakistan Film Magazine.
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    Izhar Qazi passes away
    Izhar Qazi1980/90s famous film hero Izhar Qazi died by heart attack at Karachi. He was 52 years old. He was introduced in film Rubi in 1986 and got fame from both Urdu and Punjabi films...
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    Ilyas Kashmiri died
    Senior actor Ilyas Kashmiri (Taya jee) passed away, he was 80 years old...
    » Read more on Ilyas Kashmiri
    Ilyas Kashmiri in film Badla (1968)

    Shafi Mohammad died
    Famous TV artist Shafi Mohammad passed away at Karachi. He was 58. His first film was Bivi ho to aisi in 1982.
    Zeenat BegumZeenat Begum
    She was known and famous in comedy and mother's vampish roles. She also produced some films like Badla and Bin Badal Barsat...
    » Read more on Zeenat Begum
    Raja Hafeez died
    Famous film director Raja Hafeez died in October Month. He was known for famous films like Hamarahi, Veryam and Rangu Jatt. His first film was Khota Paiasa in 1965 and last film Lahu de rishtey in 1980. Other films were Bhai Jan, Mera dil meri arzoo, Bazi jit lei, Jawani di hawa, Mr. 420, Sohna Daku and Hasdey ao hasdey jao. Since more than 30 years he was isolated from the showbiz world, so his death news could not be reached to the news papers on time.
    Kya kahun a duniya walo...

    Aleena died
    Actress Aleena died in mysteries circumstances and was buried Aleenawithout informing close friends and relatives. There are controversial reports about her death cause, some sources claim that she had AIDS and other are talking about cancer. Police reports says that Aleena died by lung cancer. She was only 21 years old.
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    Ameer Hussain
    He worked with renowned film musician Sohail Rana and assisted in Jab say Daikha hay tumhain (Zeba-Darpan), Arman, Ahsan, Doraha, and Soghat. With Wazir Khan in film Mang mairi bhar do.
    Qadeer Khan
    He produced Tum milay Piar mila (Zeba-Waheed murad 1966) and other films were Jaley na koun parwana, Nadaan, Anhoni, Dard, Basaira, Ham say hay zamana, Zameen Asman and Mazboot.
    Rehman Verma died
    Renowned music director Rehman Verma was 80 years old and was instructed in music by the legend G.A. Chishti. He mostly composed music in costume films, some of his super hit songs are Kaise kahun main al-wida, Haal kaisa hay janab ka, Yaaran naal baharan Sajnu, We lagian di lajj rakh lain, Assan jhok Punnan di jana and this video from YouTube:
    Jadun teri Duniya too pyar tur...

    Music director: Rehman Verma
    Madam Noor Jehan & Mehdi Hassan
    Lyrics: Ahmad Rahi
    Actors: Naghma & Iqbal Hassan
    Director: Riaz Ahmad Raju
    » Read more on Rehman Verma

    Jalil Afghani died
    Famous actor and writer Jalil Afghani died on June 27 in the age of 80 years. His first film as actor was Chanda in 1962 and the last film Nadia in 1985. He also wrote stories in many films like Anmol, Do Rangeeley, Pehchan, Tina etc...
    Irshad Ali passed away
    The elder brother of legendry actor late Mohammad Ali - Arshad Ali - who appeared in few films like Teri Surat meri Ankhen, Mere Hamsafar and Parchhaen - died on June 23.
    Actor Rashid died

    Karachi based actor Rashid who was seen in films like Samundar, Mere Bachey meri Ankhen, Salgira, Insanf aur Qanoon, Nadan etc. passed away on June 19. He was 73 years old.
    Sharif Nayyar has died
    Renowned film director Sharif Nayyar has died on April 24, 2007. He was known for some mega hit films as Ishq par zor nahin (1963), Naila (1965), Lado (1966) and Dosti(1971). He was father-in-law of super star film hero Ejaz Durrani. His first film was Bheegi Palken (1952) and some other films were Masoom, Naz, Shirin Farhad. His last film was Jhoomar Chor in 1986.
    Door veeraney mein ik Shama...

    Director: Sharif Nayyar
    Film: Naila (1965)
    Singers: Mala & Masood Rana
    Music: Master Inayat Hussain
    Lyrics: Hamayet Ali Shair
    Actors: Shamim Ara & Santosh
    W.Z.Ahmad passed away
    Film Waada and Ruhi fame W.Z.Ahmadproducer and director W.Z.Ahmad passed away on April 16, 2007. He was 91 years old. His real name was Waheed-ud-din Zia-ud-din Ahmad. His first film Ruhi in 1954 was first banned film in Pakistan and his second and last film Waada in 1957 was one of the best romantic and musical film in Pakistan.
    Bar bar tarsen more Nain...

    Film: Waada (1957)
    Director: W.Z.Ahmad
    Singers: Kousar Perveen &
    Sharafat Ali
    Music: Rasheed Attre
    Lyrics: Saif-ud-din Saif
    Actors: Sabiha & Santosh
    Khawaja Sarfaraz died
    Senior film director Khawaja Sarfarz died on April 15, 2007 at Lahore. He was known for his best musical film Att Khuda da vair. He also directed films Devdas, Zinda Laash, Na'darr, Dosti, Akhar and Athra.
    Asad Amanat Ali Khan died..!
    Famous classical singer Asad Amanat Ali Khan died on April 8, in London. He was Ustad Amanat Ali Khan's son and Shafqat Ali Khan's brother. He sang some super hit songs in films Saheli, Abhi to main jawan hu, Tarana and some others in the 1970's.
    Nisar Bazmi passed awayNisar Bazmi
    Top musician Nisar Bazmi passed away on March 23, 2007 at Karachi. He composed super hit songs in many films like Lakhon mein ek, Aag, Anjuman, Tehzeeb, Umrao Jan Ada, Mohabbat and many more...
    » Read more on Nisar Bazmi here
    Jahangir Mughal died
    Famous fight instructor Jahangir Mughal died on March 23, 2007. He worked in more than 300 films and produced a film Zabata in the 80s. He played minor roles in many films.
    Badar Miandad died
    Famous Qawwal Badar Miandad Badar Miandaddied on March 2, 2007. He was only 45 years old. Badar Miandad was a relative of world famous musician Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He sung and composed qawwalies in 20 films, some of them are Jannat ki talash, Ibra, chupke chupke, Arain da kharak. He had more than 20 albums of his qawwalies.
    Ragni died
    TheRagni almond-eyed beauty - actress Ragni died on February 27 at Lahore. She was 85. Once she ruled over the hearts of thousands and won the title of "Ahu-Chashm" with her first film Dulla Bhatti in 1940.
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    Chodhary Ismael died
    Producer and distributor of films like Sala Sahib, Noukar Wohti da, Dhee Rani, Rustam te Khan etc. Chodhary Ismael passed away. He was also the owner of Prince cinema Gujranwala.
    Top musician M. Ashraf died
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