Pakistan Film News 2009

Eid-ul-Azha Movies
2 Urdu, 2 Punjabi & 3 Pastho Movies
on Eid-ul-Azha Day, Saturday on 28.11.2009

Eid-ul-Azha Movies
Two Urdu movies from director Rasheed Dogar
  • Madam X at Prince cinema and
  • Husn Prast on Capital cinema
    and other five Punjabi movies from director Sangeeta's
  • Wehshi Badmash on Shabistan cinema and director Masood Butt's
  • Gujjar Badshah on Odeon cinema.
    Three Pashto movies released in Peshawar, Karachi and Quetta:
  • Za Badmash yam by Arshad Khan
  • Zarkeyawar khata nashiye by Naseem Khan and
  • Naaray may day Nadray by Abid Naseem Khan
    But these movies could not get any cinema in Lahore or in the rest of Punjabi circuit:
    Director Syed Noor's
  • Commando, director Pervez Rana's
  • Allah Nigehban and
  • Ghunda Tax, director Imdad Hussain's
  • Jabroo.
    The most hit film from Eid-ul-Fittar - Nach kay Yaar manana will be shifted from Shabistan to Metropole cinema and will be released in Bambino cinema Karachi on Eid Day on November 28, 2009.
  • Eid-ul-Fittar Movies
    Good business of Eid movies!!!
    4 Urdu, 2 Pashto and One Punjabi film

    Director Masood Butt's Punjabi film Nach kay Yaar manana was the super hit movie on Eid-day. Pervez Rana's Company was second and film Red Light Hotel was the third best on box office. Film Red Line was only released inFaisalabad, Sialkot and Gujranwala but not in Lahore. Madam X was not released on this Eid.
    Eid-ul-Fittar Movies
    Punjabi film Nach kay Yaar manana is screened on Shabistan Cinema, Urdu film Company on Metropole
    Cinema, Urdu film Red Light Hotel on Capital Cinema and Urdu film Medam X on Odeon Cinema. Urdu film
    Red Line could not get any cinema in Lahore but was released in Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Sialkot.
    Two Pashto movies released in Peshawar and Karachi circuits.

    Evernew Film Studio in Karachi
    Once upon a time, there were 18 film studios in Pakistan, but now only four film studio are running:

    1. Evernew Studio, Lahore
    2. Evernew Studio, Karachi
    3. Bari Studio, Lahore
    4. Shabab Studio, Lahore

    and these film studios are a past history:

    1. Pardhan Studio, Lahore
    2. Punjab Art Sutdio, Lahore
    3. Sine Studio, Lahore
    4. Sanai Studio, Lahore
    5. Screen & Sound Studio, Lahore
    6. City Studio, Lahore
    7. A.M. Studio, Lahore
    8. W.Z. Studio, Lahore
    9. Eastern Studio, Karachi
    10. Modern Studio Site, Karachi
    11. International Studio, Karachi
    12. Qaisar Studio, Karachi
    13. Karachi Studio, Karachi
    14. Novitas Studio, Karachi
    15. D.C.A. film studio, Dacca

    CineStar Cinema Lahore

    Muhabtan sachian released in India
    Director Rafiq Shehzad's Punjabi film Muhabtan sachian is released in Indian state of Punjab after very long time, where it was very successful. Veena Malik and Adnan Malik are main pair in this romantic and musical film, which was an average film in Lahore but celebrated golden jubilee in Gujranwala last year..

    Film producer Satish Anand is back again..!!!
    Satish AnandSatish Anand is back at home on Saturday April 12, 2009 after seven months long kidnapping.
    Kidnapper demand is £1million

    Everready Pictures owner and famous producer and distributor Mr. Satish Anand was kidnapped on October 20, 2008 and is still in the captivity. According to the reports, he is kidnapped by some Baloch terrorists in Hub and Sakran, Balochistan eras, where Pakistani security forces are not allowed to enter. The demand is one million pound.
    He was kidnapped from his office on I.I.Chundrigar Road Karachi. He is uncle of famous Indian actress Juhi Chawla.

    Pervez Productions closed..!
    M. Pervez & M. AkramAfter more than 40 years successful film business, one of the most prominent film production company in Pakistan e has closed its office at Royal Park Lahore. M. Pervez was producer and M. Akram was film director of many super hit Punjabi movies in the 1960-80s. Banki Naar (1966) was their first hit film. Pakistan's first diamond jubilee film Khan Chacha in 1972 was also one of their super hit film. Tere Ishq nachay (1969), Charhda Suraj (1970), Sultan (1972), Sidha Rasta and Ishq mera naa (1974), Shaan (1982) and Chorun Qutab (1983) were some of their big movies.

    Abrar-ul-Haq as playback singer...
    Top Pop-singer Abrar-ul-Haq has become playback singer first time in his singing career. He recorded his first song for actress and director Reema's upcoming movie "Kitni haseen hay zindgi".
    3rd generation of music director's
    Director Jarar Rizvi's film Son of Pakistan
    Music director of this film is Naveed Wajid, who was son of late music director Wajid Ali Nashaad and grandson of top music director Nashaad.
    AnjumanAnother come-back for ANJUMAN..?
    1980s top Punjabi film heroine Anjuman is ready for another come-back with Punjabi film Numbardarni. This role is offered by Nargis, who will produce this film.
    Anjuman has got divorce from her husband Mubeen Malik on February 27, 2009.

    Majajan completed three yearsMajajan completed 3 years
    The film of the decade Majajan has completed its three years on Lahore's cinemas. This film was was released on March 24, 2006 and is still the best entertainment for cinegores. Syed Noor is director of this film and Saima was producer, who also played the title role with Shaan, Madiha Shah, Adeeb etc.

    Sajna by Shehzad Rafiq
    SaimaVeena Malik & Adnan Khan will play the main roles in this film. Meera is also in this cast. Wajahat Attray is music composer and songwrtier is Riaz-ur-Rehman Saghar.

    Mailay lagday rehna gay..

    Director Fahim Bhatti's new movie is produced by Khurram Adrees Bhatti, music by Tafoo and Akram Rahi, who is also playback singer with Naseebo Lal. Actors are not finalized.

    Ik Ghazi aur by Syed Noor

    Syed Noor will direct a new film Ik Ghazi aur by producer Heera Malik, who will play the title role with Saima in this film.

    Saima"London wich Mojan e Mojan"

    Renowned film director Syed Noor will make his next film in London with the title London wich Mojan e Mojan
    As usual, Saima will play the main role in this comedy Punjabi film.

    Younis Malik in action

    Famous director Younis Malik will produce and direct three new movies:

    1. Puttar Moula Jatta da
    2. Puttar Sher Khan da
    3. Shaheedon ka lahu

    Shafqat Cheema as Jabroo
    Director Imdad Hussain with Lashana and Moamar Rana will make film: Sana in film Talibgar

    Chalbaz Haseena His another film Jabroo is with Saima and Shafqat Cheema in the title role.

    Fakhar Imam as hero..
    New married Fakhar Imam (with Sana) is in leading role with Saima Khan in director Safdar Hussain's Punjabi film

    Bhola Ishtehari
    Saima is first heroine of this film.

    Pashto Film Shaazalmai de Pashtonkhwaa

    "Lahore Badshah" A film on Cricket
    Lahore BadshahDirector Shehzad Rafiq will make a film on Cricket with the name of
  • Lahore Badshah
    This name was used for a Cricket team in Indian Cricket League last year which had Pakistani Cricket players, and became ICC Champion for 2008. But rest of two planned touraments were abandoned due to Mumbai terrorist attack on November 26. The last match was being played between Lahore Badshah and Dhaka on same day (Pakistan vs Bangladesh.
  • Upcoming Movies
    Wohti lay kay jani aKali Badmash
    Shaheed-e-PakistanBhai Loug

    JawaniAlarm Kharkan Gay
    Ghunda TaxShah Murad
    Allah NigehbanJabroo
    Tere Pain PulaikhaySon of Pakistan
    PyasaPuttar Punjab Da
    Labha GujjarKarm Shehnshah
    IbraheemChanna Sachi Muchi
    NaseeboChoron kay Ghar Chor

  • Jhanjhran by Rasheed Malik
  • Numberdarni by Masood Butt
  • Sakhi Gujjar on Eid-ul-Fittar
  • Badmash Haseena by Rasheed Dogar
  • Karm Shehnshah by Masood Butt
  • Naseebo by Pervez Rana
  • Pappu Shehzada by ?
  • Wohti lay ka jani a by Syed Noor
  • Mehr Sialkoti by Riaz Chodhary
  • Kali Badmash by Sangeeta
  • Choron kay Ghar Chor by Saeed Rana

    Javed Hassan died
    Director and actor Javed Hassan died on Wednesday morning. He looks like Sultan Rahi and played his duplicate in many movies after his death.

    Komal died

    Actress Komal died in the age of 67. She was introduced as first heroine with Salman Peerzada in a big budget costume film Fanoos (1963 - the first film of Firdous - Heer Ranjha fame). The film was made by India-return famous film director Nakhshab Charjawi .
    » Read more on Komal

    Lal Muhammad died
    Lal Mohammad IqbalFamous film music director Lal Muhammad died in Karachi. He was mate of Buland Iqbal and the pair was best known as Lal Muhammad Iqbal. Their first film was Bara Bajay in 1961 and they composed almost in 30 Karachi made movies. Mehdi Hassan song in film Jaag utha Insaan in 1966 Duniya kisi kay pyar mein Jannat say kam nahin.., Alam Lohar's song in film Azadi ya Mout in 1966 Duniya janay meray Watan ki shaan.. and Ahmad Rushdi song in film Naseeb Apna Apna in 1970 A Abr-e-karm, aaj itna bars.. were his most super hit songs. Other musical movies were Mr. X, Chhoti Behan, Samundar, Azadi ya Mout, Meray Lal, Doosri Maa and Ladla...

    Syed Kemal died

    KemalFamous film hero Kemal passed away on Thursday, October 1, 2009 at Karachi. He was 72 years..
    » Read more here
    Yousuf Khan died
    Yousuf KhanRenowned film actor Yousuf Khan died by Heart attack on Saturday, Sep 19, 2009 at Lahore.
    Nasrullah Butt died
    Nasrullah ButtActor Nastrullah Butt died on September 1st, 2009. He was known as Mr. Pakistan. His first appearance was in director Aslam Dar's jungle movie Dara in 1968. He played famous fictional role of Tarzan. He was only seen in five movies as hero and then he left film industry for a while. His comeback was as an extra and villain actor - in mainly Punjabi movies in the 1980s.
    Nasrullah Butt in film Dara

    Iqbal Bano passed away
    Renowned Ghazal singer Iqbal Bano passed away at Lahore. She was 74 years old.
    » Read more on Iqbal Bano

    Kaifee passed away

    Top Punjabi film actor and director from the 1970s - Kaifee - passed away on Friday, March 13, 2009. He began his film career as a sKaifeeuccessful film director with film Mun Zor in 1966. Chan Makhna was one of all time best film in 1968. Same years, he was introduced as hero in his own film Sajjan Pyara. He appeared in almost 75 movies and as director his films achieved great successes. Zulm da badla (1972) and Jagga Gujjar were his diamond jubilee movies as director. Moula Jatt was his one of last big movies as a traditional film hero with his own wife actress Chakori. Other famous actress Ghazala was his first wife. His last film was Medan (2004) in which he introduced his son as actor but he failed. Kaifee was younger brother of legend singer Inayat Hussain Bhatti and appeared in more than 24 movies together.

    Hameed Chodhary died
    Renowned choreographer Hameed Chodhary died on Sunday. He was 72 years old. He was dance director in more than 500 movies. He was producer and hero in film Zindgi kay Mailay (1972) and was seen in few other movies like a dancer.

    Zahoor Ahmad passed away

    Zahoor AhmadRenowned TV artist Zahoor Ahmad died on Sunday, he was 75 years old. He was best known from some famous TV plays like Khuda ki Basti, Akhri Chatan, Nizam Saqa, Akhara and Afshan and he was seen in a role as father of Waheed Murad in memorable musical film Armaan (1966).

  • Released Movies
    Eid-ul-Azha, 28.11.2009
    Husn Parast (Urdu)
    Capital cinema, Lahore
    Director: Rasheed Dogar
    Moamar Rana..
    HusnparastMadam X
    Madam X (Urdu)
    Prince cinema, Lahore
    Director: Rasheed Dogar

    Gujjar Badshah (Punjabi)
    Odeon cinema, Lahore
    Director: Masood Butt
    Saima, Shaan, Babar Ali
    Gujjar BadshahWehshi Badmash
    Wehshi Badmash (Punjabi)
    Shabistan cinema, Lahore
    Director: Sangeeta
    Sanan, Shaan, Laila..

    Sarkari Raj (Punjabi)
    Prince cinema, Lahore
    Saima, Shan, Shahid Khan
    FarebSarkari Raj
    Faraeb (Urdu)
    Capital cinema, Lahore
    Director: Masood Butt
    Meera, Shan, Saud

    Eid-ul-Fittar 21.09.2009
    Nach Kay Yaar Manana (P.)
    Shabistan cinema, Lahore
    Director: Masood Butt
    Saima, Shaan, Sana
    Nach kay yaar manana
    Company (Urdu)
    Metropole cinema, Lahore
    Director: Pervez Rana
    Red Light HotelCompany
    Redlight Hotel
    Capital cinema, Lahore
    Director: ?

    Red Line
    In GW, ST, FB (not in Lahore)
    Director: ?
    Black CatRed Line
    Black Cat
    Capital Cinema, Lahore
    Drector: Saeed Ali Khan
    Ahmad But...

    Only in GujranW. Sialko, Sargodh.
    Drector: Altaf Hussain
    Anokhi ShikaranIshq
    Anokhi Shikaran
    Capital Cinema, Lahore
    Director: Saeed Ali Khan
    Sana, Laila..

    Shabistan Cinema, Lahore
    Director: ?
    Ishq BeparwahLoufar
    Ishq Beparwah
    Kashmir Mehal Gujranwala
    Director: Altaf Hussain
    Sana, Moamar Rana, Veena Malik

    Yaar Dushman
    Shabistan Cinema, Lahore
    Director: Maqsood Ahmad
    Saima, Momar Rana, Babar
    Yaar DushmanPappu Shehazada
    Pappu Shehzada
    Capital Cinema, Lahore
    Director: Maqsood Ahmad
    Saima, Shaan

    Chan Badmash
    Capital Cinema, Lahore
    Director: M. Rasheed Malik
    Actors: Saima, Momar Rana, Babar
    Chann BadmashMehbooba
    Capital Cinema, Lahore
    Director: Rasheed Dogar


    Zakhmi Aurat
    Prince Cinema, Lahore
    Director: ?
    Actors: Sana, Shan
    Zakhmi AuratGhunada No. 1
    Ghunda No. 1 (Punjabi)
    Sjabistan cinema, Lahore
    Director: Masood Butt
    Saima, Shaan, Saud

    Arain da Kharak (Punjabi)
    Capital cinema, Lahore
    Director: Sangeeta
    Saima, Shaan, Moamar, Saud
    Arain da KharakAaj Ki Larki
    Aaj ki Larki (Urdu)
    Gulistan Cinema, Lahore
    Director: ?
    Actors: Nargis, Shaan, Saud, Babar

    Haseena Goli Mar (Urdu)
    Capital Cinema, Lahore
    Director: ?
    Actors: ?
    Haseena GolimarIbba Gujjar
    Ibba Gujjar (Punjai)
    Shabistan Cinema, Lahore
    Saima, Shan, Moamar Ran

    Basanti (Punjai)
    Gulistan Cinema, Lahore
    Director: Hassan Askari
    Saima, Shan, Mustafa Qureshi
    Honymoon (Urdu)
    Gulistan Cinema, Lahore
    Director: ?
    Asha, Nida Chodhary

    Mojan hi Mojan (Punjabi)
    Gulistan Cinema, Lahore
    Director: Sangeeta
    Saima, Moamar, Reema
    Hakim ArainMouja e moujan
    Hakim Arain (Punjabi)
    Metropole Cinema Lahore
    Director: Sangeeta
    Actors: Shaan, Noor, Babar Ali

    Miss Top 10 (Urdu)
    Capital Cinema Lahore
    Director: Rasheed Dogar
    Actors: Sana, Moamar Rana
    KhanzadaMiss Top 10
    Khanzada (Punjabi)
    Prince Cinema Lahore
    Director: Akram Khan
    Saima, Shan

    Allah Utay dorian (Punjabi)
    Shabistan Cinema Lahore

    Director: Masood Butt
    Actors: Saima, Shaan, M.Qureshi
    Badmash GujjarAllah Uttay Dorian
    Badmash Gujjar (Punjabi)
    Capital Cinema Lahore

    Director: Masood Butt
    Actors: Saima, Shaan

    Chann Badshah (Punjabi)
    Prince cinema, Lahore
    Director: Rasheed Malik
    Actors: Saima, Moamar RanaIshq ShehnshahCann Badmash

    Ishq Shehnshah (Punjabi - flop)
    Cinema: Prince Lahore
    Director: Saeed Rana
    Producer: Tahir & Javed
    Cast: Saima, Momar Rana, Asha

    Khoufnak (Punjabi - flop)
    Cinema: Shabistan Lahore
    Director: Saeed Ali Khan
    Sana, Shan
    Short CutKhoufnak
    Short Cut (Urdu - flop)
    Cinema: Prince Lahore
    Director: Mazhar & Fakhar Imam

    Wehshi Ghunda (Pnjabi - flop)
    Shabistan cinema, Lahore
    Director: Pervez Rana
    Saima, Shan
    TalibgarWehshi Ghunda
    Talabgaar (Urdu - flop)
    Cinema: Metropole Lahore
    The first released film in 2009 is Talabgaar on February 27. Suhail Ali Tony is film director and Sana with Shamyl Khan and Amina Malik are main actors in this film based on actual situation in Pakistan on terror.