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Ik si Maa

(Punjabi - 1968-06-07)
Director: Waheed Dar
Music: Wazir Afzal
Actors: Firdous, Habib, Salma Mumtaz, Sawan, Sultan Rahi, Asad Bukhari, Allauddin

Husn da Chor

(Double version Punjabi/Urdu - 1991-05-17)
Director: Altaf Hussain
Music: M. Ashraf, M. Arshad
Actors: Nadira, Shaan, Javed Sheikh, Abid Ali, Bahar, Afzaal Ahmad, Firdous Jamal

Dil dian Lagian

(Punjabi - 2012-08-20)
Director: Mohammad Shehzad Haidar
Music: Asif Ali
Actors: Saima, Shaan, Naghma, Majeed Zarif, Raheela Agha, Shafqat Cheema


(Punjabi - 1982-05-21)
Director: Haidar Chodhary
Music: Tafoo
Actors: Anjuman, Nanha, Ali Ejaz, Durdana Rehman, Ilyas Kashmiri, Tani, Faisal Iqbal

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